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Sunday, July 31, 2011

XS650 For Sale

Well folks, selling the ol' gal - for real :laugh:....    

While she isn't perfect, shes a great bike. 

The Good:


Will have a NEW 750CC (Gary Hoos JE Pistons and Liners) 277 Rephased Engine installed. Never Run To Date (Will only install upon sale of the bike)

5th Gear OD
XS1 Camshaft
Permanent Magnet Alternator Conversion - Hugh's HandBuilt
Bead Blasted Cases, Cylinders, Head, etc...
3 Angle Valve Grind
Deleted Starter
New Cam Chain
New Cam Guides
All New Stainless hardware
Heavily Ported Head
34MM Lectron High Velocity Carbs ($750 New)
Hugh's HandBuilt Long Runner Intakes
8 Pack Clutch
1 Piece Clutch Rod
HD Throwout Bearing
Polished Side Covers and Valve Covers
Pamco 277 Ignition
Custom Chrome Ignition Coils
All New Seals and Gaskets
Re Chromed Cam Covers
Custom 2-2 Exhaust
Brass Head Washers


Black Powdercoated Frame
Stock Front Loop with Custom Tail - "0" stretch


Shaved, Lowered, Polished and Rebuilt Forks with NEW Upper Tubes
Shaved Upper Triple Tree
Inverted Risers
Custom "Speedway Bars"
Custom Chromed Foot Controls
Knurled 6061 Al Pegs and Grips
NEW Slimline Master Cylinder
NEW Front Brake Caliper/Pads
Drilled and Lightened Front Rotor
NEW Timken Steering Bearings
HandBuilt Seat Pan - Custom Covered
3" Barrel Springs
Foot Clutch and Hand Shift (can easily be converted to standard shift/clutch if needed)
520 Chain
NEW 17T Front Sprocket
NEW 32T Rear Sprocket
NEW Wheel Bearings
NEW Axles
21" 1968 Ossa Akront Front Rim laced to shaved, lightened and polished front hub with Buchanan Spokes
18" 1972 Husky Akront Rim laced to Polished Stock Hub with MikesXS Spokes
Avon Speedmaster/Safety Mileage Tires
4 Lbs Battery
Bates Style Headlight
HandBuilt Fuel Cap
RARE 1957 Famous James Fuel Tank - RedKoted
Dual Petcocks with Reserve
Modified Front Fender in Rear
NEW Chain Adjusters
Side Mount Plate and Taillight

The Bad: (this bike was built to ride, and be ridden hard :bike:)

Paint is chipped and peeling in a few places on tank and fender, I can get this fixed (negotiable)

The Frame has a few knicks in the powder, no rust or anything like that, but its not perfect. 

Tires has about 75% Tread Left

NO TEST RIDES - If you want this bike, you can put cash in my hand and then ride it.
Bike will come with All Copies of Magazines and Articles it has been featured in, along with a clean title (1981 model)

If you need more details about the bike, here is my build thread.

And the Feature on - [url][/url]

Asking $8500 OBO with NEW engine - No Trades for other bikes please - I got plenty of those :laugh:

$5,700 OBO as a rolling chassis - (Minus engine, carbs, charging system and ignition)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Complete PMA Kits - Cheaper Than Ever!

Genuine Hugh's HandBuilt PMA swap for your XS650! 

We offer a bolt-on PMA system that is the highest output on the market.  Don't settle for lesser componentry to save a few bucks when you can have a 200 Watt High Output system from Hugh's HandBuilt.  We were the first to offer a complete PMA kit for these machines, and we stand by our commitment to XS650 Enthusiasts with Tech Support, DIY articles and Top Notch Customer Service.  We also offer the most complete PMA kit on the market. Complete with hardware, wiring, and now including a Timing Tab applique to apply to your side cover.

Looking for the most in-depth install article on the internet?  Look no further because we wrote the book on XS650 PMA Swaps! - In depth PMA Swap on the Chop Cult!

I've had alot of request to assemble complete kits, to avoid confusion of buying wrong parts and paying shipping on 3-4 items.  This is a Major Bonus to our customers who are having a hard time finding all the small parts for the swap.  Plus, it is all new AND better than used OEM components.  Higher output and better built.   Now offering the COMPLETE swap kit.  Currently available for $319.00 and shipped FREE in the US!! 

A Complete PMA Kit will include:

NEW High Output Stator -  "This is a NEW 200 Watt High Output Stator!  This new stator is built with the highest grade lamination materials and the copper windings are triple insulated for maximum reliability. To ease installation we supply it with new connectors and wire sleeving."

NEW Flywheel -  Full encased magnets provide a lifetime of trouble free operation.  This Flywheel has 20% stronger magnets than an OEM Flywheel and will provide a higher output in low RPM operation.  This works very well with our 200 Watt Stator.

NEW Stator Mounting Plate - Machined and ready to bolt in, no need to modify a used one (if you can find one of course)

NEW 3 Phase Regulator - 3 Wires in, 2 out (Battery + and -)   Super simple wiring, will mount in the stock location as well.

NEW PMA Swap Kit - Same Kit I've been selling all along.  See it at the top of the screen.  Hardware included

TIMING TABS/STICKER!  - This is a new addition to the full kit.  The Complete PMA kit will now come with a stick on timing sticker.  No more worrying about making timing marks on your side cover.   Accurate and simple.

NEW Wiring Package - Gold plated terminals, New Plastic Terminal Connectors, and wiring sleeve keeps your install clean and proper. 

*FREE Tech Support - All Hugh's HandBuilt products come with Free Tech Support via email/phone/forums/etc... 

*There is never a charge for Tech Support even if you don't purchase from us - We are Enthusiasts Helping Other Enthusiast and that is just the way it is. 
NOW IN STOCK!  No more waiting, these typically ship out in 2-3 days - Thanks for your support gang!   Out of country and overseas shipping options are listed below.

Purchase a COMPLETE PMA SWAP KIT here:

Shipping Options

Looking for individual parts for your conversion?  Then look no further - you can purchase individual parts below.  Shipping is free in the USA!  (All others please email me at and I will invoice you a proper total - thank you)

PMA Parts List

Monday, July 18, 2011

Biker Metric - And other randomness

Trent Reker of BikerMetric dropped in for a bit last week, we discussed the more important things in life.  Beer, Hot Rod Engines, Women, Motersickles (as my friend Wayne would say) and of course Biker Bed Rolls from Mr. Don Wood.  

I am basically stealing this from Trent's site - but we had a good time.  Make sure to drop in on him and see what he has going on, as well as getting yourself setup with a Don Wood Biker Bedroll...

Talking about some motor goodness in the dark confines of my "Shipping Department" (AKA - Old Plywood Table next to the Washer and Dryer)
"we talked about bikes and he showed us his latest xs650 chopper with his hand made frame, notched stock wheels, motobecane tank, souped-up and re-phased motor (not in the pic below but on a shelf), and more."

 And then, after talking about Mr. Don Wood's Gypsy Biker Bedrolls, I showed Trent my grungy old biker bedroll that helped me survive the Big Mountain Run this year.  The first 2 years of the BMR I carried a fitted sheet and wore my riding clothes/jacket to sleep in...  Hey, when you gotta pack light, you pack REALLY light!  But this year, the Gyspy Biker Bedroll was the thing to have, it kept me dry and warm (and it was NEITHER for the first leg of that trip) during my escapades across NC and TN....

So we put together a quick photo-op for the Gypsy Biker Bedrolls... 

Trent says  "then he whipped out his gnarly don wood bedroll and told of how it once saved him from cats, dogs, and bears."

"he demonstrated by posing in the nude in a wild dog park outside asheville. see how tame the wild dog became when the bedroll was unfurled? we was amazed!"

 Needless to say, we had a good time...  We finished the night by going to my favorite burger joint, drinking local brew and talking more nonsense...  I look forward to doing it again...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sporty Update...

Spent some time with my best friend and his dad working on their sporty.  You may recall we started this one a while back.

Added some details to the stock fuel tank.

It was a pretty HOT day in Salisbury, so we mostly just hung around and looked at the bike really...

But, we did manage to kick out a pretty sweet set of stainless 2-1 pipes with some kind of dirtbike muffler...  Seth and I butted heads just a little bit as his definition of a "perfect joint" and mine were a bit off...  But, once that was settled, we knocked the pipes right out...  Its always good to hang with friends and make a few parts... 

This one is slowly coming along.  It has some sweet handmade parts on it, and I think they are on handmade oil tank #3 at this point.  Tony visited my shop this week and picked up a 40MM High Velocity Lectron Fuel Management System for the ol' gal, so she should run pretty sweet!   As always, my photography sucks - so thanks to StatonCarter - Master Button Pusher for hanging out and shooting some sweet pics....  I'm pretty sure these were all real film, right out of the camera... 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Engine Building Services - Now Available

Well folks, I've been avoiding advertising my engine building services for a few reasons, so here is the scoop!

Yes, I will build your XS650 Engine.  I have been building these engines for a while un-advertised, and mostly for fun.  Hang with me for a moment, and you'll see what I require to build an engine for you. 

Check this bike out, other than a Re-Phase and a 5th Gear overdrive, this engine is BONE STOCK internally and is even running stock carbs.  I've ridden this bike, it performs flawlessly and puts a serious smile on my ugly mug...  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Friend in Need - Please Read

Got a good customer in need....  He has a little girl who is in need of some medical help, and he is out of cash.  He is parting out his beautiful XS650 Project to come up with some funds. I spoke with him this afternoon, and here is his parting thread - HELP A MAN HELP HIS LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I would love to see this machine finished, bikes can come and bikes can go, but a Man stepping up and doing what he has to do for his lil' girl just hits my soft spot.... 

ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO DONATE TO HELP, Please send "Gifts" via paypal to Bryan at 

Thanks for taking the time to read and help - its an amazing community we are a part of.


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