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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Blog, New Website, New Store, and kicking this one to the curb!

So one thing that SUCKED about our old blog, was Blogger itself, and how Facebook decided that ALL of our content was spam. This happened a few years back, and I never had time to build a new blog, and Facebook never responded to my many many requests to unblock the Hugh's HandBuilt Blog... So it fell into disrepair, left for the internet to absord and fall into the shadows...

NOT ANY LONGER! We have imported all of the old blog into the new website, and with that, I feel more comfortable being able to post up new tech, blog posts, etc.. knowing that they can be shared and cross posted. The old blog has been deleted, so check out the new one and subscribe...

I'll eventually delete this old blog, but I don't want traffic to be lost in the meantime...

Thanks folks!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Things...

I know it's been a while since I've updated this blog.  Mostly because Blogger has become almost dysfunctional with all other forms of Social Media (for instance, Facebook won't allow any posts from this blog, etc...) so it's had to get excited to do a bunch of updates on a poor platform...

So what does that mean?  Well, we are building an entirely NEW website, hoping to have it launched soon.  With that new site, will be a new Blog as well (don't worry, I'm also going to repost ALL of the posts from this blog to the new blog, so no content will be lost in the transition) - and with that comes a better ability to  market things on other forms of Social Media.

For instance - did you know that we now have NEW 74-UP XS650 Motor Mounts available

Thats right!  We've been working on a few things that most folks don't have much information about.  It's been a HUGE time struggle between Emails, Doing new R&D on products, keeping up with the forums, etc...  But we are going full steam ahead...  

What else is new?  Hrmmm, we have launched the XS650 Top Motor Mounts as well - not available on our website yet, but you can find them on Facebook or Instagram 

So what else is new?  Well, we did discontinue our popular HHB Hydro Clutch swap kits...  Why?  Well it's as simple as this...  The parts we were selling allowed the use of a Hydro Clutch you could buy off of ebay, and swap onto your XS650 using our components.  Unfortunately, the quality control of the Chinese made Ebay Hydro Clutch components was soo hit or miss that we couldn't justify sending folks to buy components that may or may not work properly.  Combine that with all the tech support, emails, etc.. that the swap kit was requiring - it simply took to much of our time to keep it on the shelf. 



Don't Fret though!  In true HHB Style, we are going to give you all you need to know to do the swap yourself, we just won't be offering the components for sale in our store any longer.   So if you find yourself a complete "Pit Bike Hydraulic Clutch" on Ebay, with roughly 50" of hose (1270mm) or so, you should be good to go - saving money and getting all of your Hydro Clutch Needs in one stop.  There are several folks selling them on Ebay with a 1200mm hose which should work fine in a stock application.  Shorter or taller bars?  Just find a hose length that works for you.  But by all means, feel free to do some digging on Ebay and I'm sure you'll find a set that works for you.  And since we are discontinuing this item, make sure you get yourself an M8 Jam Nut, a Plastic Washer and a other hardware pictured above to make the swap.   Just because this component has been discontinued by HHB, doesn't mean that you folks should go without.  Just do us a favor, and do your googlefu before emailing us for any tech support and such - so we can focus on bringing new and cool products to you folks.

What else is new?  How about our Speedster Bars! 

Inspired by my very first build, these have been a HIT!  Allowing for a better fit than clubmans, clip-ons, or drag bars - the HHB Speedster Bars just work a charm for making the bike look AND feel proper, without cramping riding position.  Check out the store for more details on those!

Oh yeah, we've kicked out some KILLER Fork Braces for the XS650 while we were in the mood for making cool new stuff - they fit both 34 and 35mm forks (34mm needing some very minor clearancing of the mounting bosses on the fork) and area available in Black Powdercoat, Raw Unfinished Steel, and Nickle Plated finishes.  These came out of necessity - Tevan's Resto-Mod XS2 handled pretty badly, even after a 35mm fork swap, so we built these and magically he's now dragging a knee in the curves. This fork brace doesn't come with those kinds of skills, but it sure helps instill some confidence in the front of these old bikes again...

There are a few other things I haven't listed here, like our Neck Gusset Kits, Slimline Master Cylinder, Headlight Mount, Stainless Triple Tree Hardware, and more available on the website -

So yeah, we aren't going anywhere...  In Fact - we just picked up another XS650 for an HHB Test Mule - check out our 1975 XS650 as we beat on it like a red-headed step child.  Because it doesn't leave the shop unless it is "Hugh Approved" - and that involves lots of miles, wheelies, and the occasional mishap in the twisties - all in the name of Quality.  You deserve the best, and we do our best to make that happen. 

Thanks for your continued support folks!  Stay tuned to the website, Facebook, and Instagram for other happenings with HHB. 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MountainFest This Weekend!

Well folks, We've been busy as can be, but that won't stop us from getting out and seeing some of ya'll..

MountainFest in Morgantown WV this weekend will be a great time!  Hope to see some of ya'll there..  Cycle Source Magazine and a ton of your other favorite motorcycle hooligans will be there, you should be too... 

This is a great show, lots of good vendors and custom bikes...  PLUS - If you wanna save some coin on HHB Goodies, we'll be offering some cash priced discounts at the show! 

More details on the event are here - Click Clicky.... 

Plan on us being gone through next Monday, so any emails and orders not received by mid day today will likely not be handled until we get back...  Thanks for your support folks!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

New HHB Product Release! 100% Bolt-On Oil Cooler

It's been long in the tooth, so to say, but as with ALL HHB products, we test, abuse, test, abuse some more, and test again.  It's just how we do things.  We may not release a new product as fast as we would like, but when we do, you know it's our best!

So with that said, welcome to the HHB Product Line, the Bolt-On XS650 Oil Cooler.

 *Shown Polished, currently available in Brushed Finish ONLY

This 100% Bolt-On design is designed, tested, tested again, and redesigned for the ultimate in Bolt-On oil cooler performance.
This is the largest Bolt-On Oil Cooler on the market for the XS650 Side Cover.
  • *Large Surface Area Increases Cooling Abilities
  • *120cc Oil Capacity Increas
  • *Unique 6 Fin Design
  • *Uses OEM Oil Filter – No restrictive paper elements here!
  • *Brushed Alloy Finish
  • *Includes Stainless Hardware, Gaskets and Copper Sealing Washers.
If you know Hugh’s HandBuilt, then you know we don’t offer ANYTHING to the public that we don’t fully test ourselves.  This new oil cooler is keeping with that tradition, having been 2 years in the making.
We have the largest surface area of any Bolt-On oil cooler on the market, while increasing oil capacity by 120cc’s.  More oil and more cooling surface = Cooler Running XS650 Engine!
We’ve tested various filter combinations, checking for oil pressure losses and restriction, and found the OEM style filter works best with the XS650 Oil Pump to keep flow and pressure at a maximum.
Hugh’s HandBuilt Tested and APPROVED!

Where to buy?  Why right at our store of course!  Click Click On This Link

As always, thank you for your support - we'll keep doing what we do, you keep doing what you do.

Hugh's HandBuilt

Monday, February 17, 2014

750cc XS650 Engine, Rephased and Ready to run!

This is a fairly rare opportunity for someone NOT on the Current HHB Engine Building backlog to get an engine for this year. 

This is out of my PERSONAL bike, I'll be doing something else with the chassis soon (email me if interested in the rolling chassis) and has less than 25 miles on it since it was first built.

*This is JUST for the engine, NOT the entire bike*

  • 750cc JE High Compression Pistons (10:1)
  • NEW Big Bore Liners
  • 277 Rephase by HHB
  • 256 Camshaft
  • Ported Head
  • NOS Valves
  • NEW Valve Guides
  • NEW Valve Springs
  • NEW Rocker Arms
  • Stainless Rocker Plugs
  • 277 Ignition by Pamcopete
  • Hugh's HandBuilt PMA Charging System (NEW)
  • 5th Gear OD
  • Polished Shift Rails
  • EBC Clutch Plates
  • NEW Steel Clutch Plates
  • EBC Clutch Springs
  • HD Throwout Bearing
  • 7 into 6 HHB Modded Clutch Pack
  • NEW 447 Crankshaft Rods
  • New Gaskets
  • New Oil Seals
  • New Oil Pump
  • New Sump Filter
  • Polished Engine Covers
  • Re-Chromed Cam Covers
  • Polished Valve Covers
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Kick-Only (no Electric start provision)
  • Foot Operated Clutch (easily converted to hand clutch if desired)
  • New Shift Shaft
  • Aqua Blasted Cases
  • Aqua Blasted Head and Cylinders
  • New Oil Tube Base Fitting
  • New Oil Tube
  • New Copper Oil Seals
  • New Camchain
  • New Cam Guides
  • Brass Head Washers
  • New Clutch Worm Gear
  • 1 Piece Clutch Rod
  • Custom Drilled Side Cover

This engine has 205 lbs of compression, is as fresh as they get, and is available for $6350 (plus your free spinning core)   This is slightly below retail for the full cost of the build. 

Contact for purchasing information. 

*If interested in the Rolling Chassis, make an offer.  Will include EVERYTHING except the engine, carbs, charging system, etc... 

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