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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Smokeout East - 2013

Folks, It's hotter than a ballsack in a burlap bag..  It's soo damn hot, might as well go sit in the worst part of North Carolina and die of heat exhaustion right??  Well, apparently we agree - because we are headed to the Smokeout East this weekend!  But hey, at least there is zero shade, and no chance of a breeze!!!

We will be down with The Monstercraftsman Crew, doing some How-To's with those folks...  So come on out, bring us a cold bottle of water and hang out.  We'll be there all weekend long, playing on the drag strip, making fools of ourselves due to heat stroke, and generally having a pretty good time...

For those of you who are interested in riding a RePhased XS650, we'll have our Slight Hell bike on hand and if you talk real nice to us (and bring that bottle of water!!!) we'll let you take her for a spin...


We are also on schedule to install a Hugh's HandBuilt PMA system, so drop in and make that happen with us...  And bring water - haha...

So come see us, and bring us a tasty cold beverage (or two really, we won't mind a bit)

*We are NOT bringing merchandise, but if you want us to bring you some HHB parts, let us know in advance and we'll try to make that happen.  Tomorrow night is when we'll have the trailer packed, so hit us up before then... 

Monday, June 10, 2013

A fresh start - New HHB Headquarters

If you read through our previous post on the Pay It Forward Chopper Build, then you saw that we were moving...  Thats right folks, a fresh start for Hugh's HandBuilt after the flooding and other issues at our old locations is gonna be a very welcome thing in our lives...

We have all 4 bays, 2100 Sq Ft including some office space and a shipping area!  We are stoked to be moving along like this - new territory for HHB means we can do more than ever.  New products, new services, and faster operations (hopefully - haha)

But, it also means we'll  be having a small amount of downtime.  As I type this, we just got a running computer up at the new shop.  Internet is hooked up, and we are hoping to get back into the swing of things.  We started moving last week, trying not to interrupt the daily happenings at the shop, but who are we kidding?  We've been off schedule since the flood of the shop - so be patient if you can.  I know I am about 4-5 days behind on emails, and about the same on shipping. 

I am working as fast as possible to bring your not only the best in services and products, but soon new products will hit the streets as well from HHB.  Thanks as always for your support and encouragement as we venture into this new chapter.  We can't wait to be back up and running full speed. 


Checkout the online shop for new parts and service for you ride!

Click Here for more info on parts! Thanks - Hughs.