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Monday, March 28, 2011

Deep Six Brass - Now Available for XS650's

You know the ugly ones with clunky rubber pegs that mount on a swingarm framed XS650?  Yeah, those ugly things.  Well I've got a build going on here in the shop, and there is no way I could let it leave with those hideous rubber rusty stock pegs.

Enter My buddy Tom from Deep Six Cycles. He got up with me a few weeks ago about making some sweet brass for the XS650 Market.  I sent him a pair of XS650 pegs mounts, complete with rusty nasty pegs attached.  He knew that something had to be done.  Being that Brass and Stainless are some of his favorite materials to work in, this was a no brainer.

This week I was pleasantly surprised when he dropped off my new pegs.  These things are NICE!  (Don't mind all my grubby fingerprints, that's my fault)  This is a completely new design from Deep Six Cycles exclusively for the XS650.  Solid Brass Hex Stock, machined and polished to the hilt, and then mated up to solid Stainless Steel Adapters.  Did I mention these are NICE?

He sent them over with all the needed hardware, all I had to do is remove the stock rubber peg pin.  I used a drillpress, but this could easily be done with a grinder, dremel, claw hammer, etc...

Drilling out the stock pin:

Then it was a simple install using the supplied hardware.  I put the Bolt head facing upwards, but in all reality, with the supplied Nylock nut, these aren't going anywhere.

I drilled out the other side and mounted the new brass peg just like you see above.  Then I just had to bolt it back onto the frame.  I recommend using new rubber mounts (you can get these from MikesXS), but for now this bike is still in the mock-up stage.  These things are gonna ROCK.  Check it!

I really think these are gonna set off this bike in a way that the stock rubber pegs just couldn't touch.  Tom is planning on making Knurled Aluminum pegs as well for all you Cafe/Street Tracker dudes, so stay tuned and make sure to drop in and see everything else he has going on.

Retail is $125 plus shipping, and that includes all the hardware and about 5 lbs worth of awesomeness.  I don't keep these in stock as of yet, so make sure to get up with Tom at Deep Six Cycles if you want a set.   Purchase directly from their Blog RIGHT HERE!

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