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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Free Shipping! (well kinda)

Ever since I started this business over 3 years ago, we've offered free shipping on all of our products.  Shipping rates have continued to climb and climb, but we've stayed the course.  Unfortunately the time has come, the time to get with the times so to speak

We do our best to offer only the finest products, tech and services here at HHB - and shipping needs to be on par with that as well.  We are now working with UPS as much as possible (can vary depending on rates and location), as USPS has been very lackluster in performance these past few months.

From now on - Anything ordered from HHB with a total of $250 or more will be Shipped FREE (in the continental US) - this mean that PMA's and other items will still be the same old price as always.  Some of the smaller items and smaller orders will now be charged a nominal shipping fee based on your location.

Hugh Says - "Buy lots, and save!"

We've started tossing in Free Stickers with each item ordered, and have revamped out packaging completely (I know you folks really liked the oily rags, last weeks newpaper, zip lock baggies and random stuff we mailed ya) to keep your products from HHB safe and sound on their journey to you.  Plus, we'll be tossing in a New Super Secret freebie with all future orders!    You are still getting more for your dollar... 

As we are still working out the bugs on the shipping calculator, if something seems off - email us and we'll handle the order personally.  Overseas, Canada and Hawaii/Alaska orders will need to email us for a proper shipping quote and invoice.

The new shipping methods will also allow us to properly price and bring new products to our website's store.  Go check out the store and see for yourself.  Bringing new products to the market it very important to us - and bringing the best to you fine folks is equally as important.

Check out the store, feel free to give us feedback via email at -we are working hard to bring you the best.

As always, thanks so much for your support.

On a personal note:  The shop flooding, rebuilding, it flooding again, and then finally moving has really been a TON of work.  We are getting back into action at the new shop.  I can't thank you folks enough.  You have encouraged us, sent your thoughts, prayers, funds, bought us a brew (or two) and really warmed my heart during all of this stress...  I hope that it comes back to you fine folks with all of our continued efforts here at HHB.  We simply couldn't do it without ya - Hugh

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Checkout the online shop for new parts and service for you ride!

Click Here for more info on parts! Thanks - Hughs.