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Monday, July 8, 2013

"Slight Hell" - For Sale

Well folks, it pains me to do it, but my obligations to my home and family life are forcing the sale of Slight Hell.   The relocation into the New Shop has really drained all of our "Rainy Day" funds - pun intended - haha...

Build Details here:  Slight Hell Build

Instead of waiting a year (or sometimes more) for one of our amazing 277 Engines - you can now purchase an entire bike from HHB with all the goodies already done.  This bike is a BLAST - it begs to be ridden like a dirtbike, yet can still handle 400-500 mile days in the twisties.

My friends call it the "Swiss Army XS" - because it does it all...

Flat Track?  Yeah, we got this - haha

This bike has been featured in The Horse Backstreet Choppers, Cycle Source Magazine, Covered in Wrench Magazine from the Bama Swap and Drags, and had a great piece in the last issue of Lowside Syndicate Magazine.

Wrench Magazine

Cycle Source Magazine

Lowside Syndicate Magazine

The Horse Backstreet Choppers

Is it fast you ask?  Well, only the modern sportbikes were beating it at the Bama Swap and Drags this year - so yeah, it's a quick little bugger...

Can it haul a trailer???  Uh - yeah...  *trailer not included, but negotiable

So thats the gist of it.  I love this bike, and won't part with it easily.  It has ALL NEW everything.  Bearings, seals, framework, suspension, etc... Nothing on this bike has been left untouched.

Seeing as how this engine would be a $6800 build without the carbs and pipes - this isnt your typical lowbuck XS build... 

Email questions/offers to Hugh's HandBuilt

We will sell to overseas customers - although shipping arrangements, customs, etc.. will have to be handled by the purchaser.

277 Degree Rephased Engine By HHB
Ported Head
Web 59 Camshaft
Pamcopete 277 Ignition
Wiseco 750cc Pistons
5th Gear Overdrive
Shell Racing type Intakes
Modified HHB Speedster Pipes
16" 1981 XS650 Rear Wheel
Duro Rear Tire
23" Honda Front Wheel
Chen Shin Front Tire
Shaved and Polished XS650 35mm Forks
Custom HHB Stainless Lane Splitter Bars
HHB Solid Riser Bushings
Custom HHB framework - 2" up, 1.5" out, 1.5" Swingarm Stretch
HHB PMA Charging System
Custom Seat Pan - HHB
Seat Cover - Unknown
Headlight - Side Mount Bates Style
Tail Light - HD style LED
Batteryless Setup with a Sparx Capacitor
Mikuni VM34 Carbs
Tapered Steering Bearings
Bronze Swingarm Bushings
Custom HHB Stretched Swingarm
KZ Rear Fender
HHB Brass Foot Pegs
Kick Only

Lots of other mods of course, but that gets you close..



  1. DAMN! Someone is going to get a rippin little bike!

    If I didnt have all my cash wrapped into bikes I would seriously consider buying this!

  2. The best ever price for a superb bike. Do not miss this opportunity.

    Bruce Hammerson

    Hydraulic Hammers

  3. What year is the bike (frame) ?


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